6 reasons to choose our braised chicken
Focus, focus, professionalism Let the power of the brand help you succeed
Gustatory feast
With all kinds of staple food non-staple food can be, the taste is absolutely first-class!
Innovation and inheritance
In addition to traditional cooking methods, modern chefs are also trying to introduce new ingredients and cooking techniques to breathe new life into this classic dish.
Emotional sustenance
It represents the taste of home, the taste of home missed by the wanderer.
Long history
Braised chicken has a history of hundreds of years, originating in the Qing Dynasty.
The production process is very meticulous
The chicken must be fresh and plump, and the key secret ingredients are the old soups and spices.
Nutrition and health
Chicken is rich in high-quality protein, which has a good effect on strengthening the body's immunity.
Our company
Vigorously promote the concept of good water health, popularize the importance of water quality treatment, and advocate drinking more water, drinking good water, and drinking water
Strong honors and qualifications
Has won a number of honors: national product quality trustworthy enterprise, brand Zhejiang · industry outstanding enterprise, China healthy drinking water industry iconic brand and other honorary titles.
A long history of braised chicken origin
It is derived from the secret recipe of making Chinese herbal marinated chicken handed down from ancestors. Four hundred years ago, the secret "medicine chicken" was not greasy, crisp and smooth, sweet and fragrant. It was a popular Oriental food in the south of the Yangtze River, and was praised by the Qianlong Emperor as "color, aroma and taste."
The hard but determined road to entrepreneurship
At the beginning of the business, the competitive pressure is great, but the company makes full use of limited human resources, mobilizes all social forces to help product publicity, casts word-of-mouth, and wins trust with sincerity.
Raw material logistics distribution
There are domestic advanced raw material selection and drinking research and development center, professional only to keep the taste always unchanged.
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