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The company was founded in 2019, is a new starting point for the God of youth towards the field of health, the company according to Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" theory - "good water is the king of 100 medicines, bad water is the source of all diseases", combined with the current national and global drinking water pollution phenomenon, invested in the development of black technology "youth core" as the core of the God of youth water treatment series and put on the market. To achieve two degrees of purification, depth of water purification.

Zhejiang Ageless God Biotechnology Co., Ltd. vigorously promotes the concept of good water health, the importance of water treatment, and advocates drinking more water, drinking good water, and drinking water. Has won a number of honors: national product quality trustworthy enterprise, brand Zhejiang · industry outstanding enterprise, China healthy drinking water industry iconic brand and other honorary titles.

With its advanced water treatment technology and a high degree of consumer recognition, Ageless God water quality treatment series products have been included as quality pioneer archive products by quality brand Pioneer Engineering in 2020-2023, and won a number of awards: China Water Quality treatment thermos Cup consumer favorite products, 2020 China Science and Technology Innovation and Invention Excellent Achievement Award.

Ageless God Biotechnology Co., Ltd. constantly innovates, actively assumes social responsibility, and injects new and stronger strength into the vigorous development of the big health industry. It has realized the collection of healthy living hall, healthy living food, such as: Yangzhentang health management Center, Ageless God nutrition fortified meal; The development of cultural tourism and other sectors. Shoulder the mission of "using science and technology to protect human health and help healthy China", promote the health of the whole people, and realize the dream of a strong country with a strong enterprise.

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