Spread the kindling of love         Fulfill the original mission

In the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, Yu Renyang loves enterprises, employees, customers and public welfare. She firmly believes that innovation comes from learning. Every year, she invests more than one million for herself and her employees in various kinds of training and learning, improving the employees' minds, coordinating the company's development with corporate vision and common values, implementing technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation, and cultivating talents that adapt to the development of enterprises. This kind of diligent and courageous spirit of struggle has shaped her unique character of modern women who keep pace with The Times and have the courage to develop.

Yu Yan Yang has always paid attention to the combination of corporate benefits and social benefits, "love out love back, blessing to blessing" is her life creed. Over the past 30 years, under her leadership, the company has donated tens of millions of yuan to help others, involving education, culture, medical care, and people's livelihood. In 2021, more than one million yuan was invested to organize public welfare activities for parents of more than 30 years of marriage age to carry forward the culture of filial piety and love, which was highly praised by all sectors of society and contributed to Quzhou's public welfare. During the epidemic in 2022, donations of funds and materials rushed to Quzhou and Shanghai to fight the epidemic, bringing together the mighty force of fighting the epidemic together...

The future has come, and you can live every day. As the creator of the health effects of the people, the promoter of China's health cause, and the promoter of global ecological security, under the guidance of Yu Renyang, the God of Youth conforms to the extensive needs of consumption upgrading and better life, relying on its own health and health industry resources, and always takes the mission of integrating health policies into the overall situation, providing health services throughout the whole situation, and benefiting the whole people with health and well-being. Strive to build a healthy China and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and create new glory!

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