Technology enables innovation     The age of piloting health

Ageless God brand in addition to the "ageless God chicken" this palm-head products, but also the development of beauty baking, a good day health hot pot, light meals, soil shopkeeper quality ingredients, Yangzhen Hall beauty health, civil air protection equipment Co., Ltd. and other series of industries, facing the country to join. With the "Healthy China 2030" proposed by the state, Yu Renyang actively responded to the call, actively assumed social responsibility, developed and integrated many health products, established the Youth God Health Management Institute in Beijing, established the local Yangzhentang Health Management Center in Quzhou, the Youth God Reading Club, and the Middle River International Travel Agency, launched the Youth God and nutrition fortified meal. Inject more powerful force into the big health industry; It has realized the collection of healthy living hall, healthy living food, cultural tourism health base and other sections, and then do the upgrading and development of these sections, landing quality life hall, nourishing tea space, nutrition light fast food franchise and landing cultural tourism health base. "God of Youth" extends from health food therapy to health physical therapy and health management, and realizes the longitudinal deepening development of the cooked food processing industry, the beauty baking industry, and the God of Youth physical conditioning industry.

Today, with the development of science and technology, the upgrading of consumption, and the intensifying aging of the population, under the common guidance of policy, market, investment, etc., all the capital is converging towards the large health industry, and the large health industry is growing rapidly and developing rapidly, which is already a commercial blue ocean. How to grasp the opportunity of the big health tuyair, in the wave of Internet +, based on the traditional health industry model to achieve a new leap, Yu Renyang has been constantly exploring a simpler and safer way of health.

Since January 2018, Yu Renyang has fully invested in the big health industry with water health as the medium, invested a lot of manpower and financial resources, formed a team, and entered the big health industry. After market research and demonstration, she chose a healthy drinking water quality treatment project related to the health of hundreds of millions of people, according to Li Shizhen Compendium of Materia Medica theory - "good water is the king of 100 medicines, bad water is the source of all diseases", combined with the phenomenon of drinking water pollution in the country and even the world, the production of black technology "ageless core" as the core of the "ageless God" water quality processor. And put on the market for 21 days to drink the immortal water experience. The experience results are very satisfactory and highly recognized and favored by the experiencers, which makes the Yu Yan Yang team more confident. At present, we have developed a series of products such as faucet type, home type, portable water bottle, water cup, etc. The main feature of the product is advanced technology, easy installation and use, kitchen, bathroom, home office, car, journey, full coverage. Let everyone enjoy the happy life of handling good water anytime and anywhere and drinking good water at any time. Core advantages: It has overcome the comprehensive reaction technology of mixed mineralization physical filtration treatment, and the filter element contains nano silver ion exchange technology, nuclear magnetic resonance technology principle and quantum function activation technology, maintaining its advanced nature in the field of water treatment technology. The technology has comprehensive water quality optimization treatment capabilities such as zinc extraction function, bidirectional ph adjustment, small molecule activation function, industrial pollution removal, pesticide residue and antioxidant function, and is unique in the field of water quality processors. The core technology of water treatment kettle filter and the scientific formula results of water treatment mixed materials, through the China High-tech Industry Research Association convened the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the China Center for Disease Control and Environmental Research Institute, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing University of Technology and other well-known domestic experts through the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements and unanimously agreed that it has reached the domestic advanced level.

On December 29, 2019, Yu Renyang, on behalf of the "God of Youth", proposed the Human Water plan in Hangzhou World Trade Tower, Zhejiang Province, and launched the 2020 global brand strategy conference to spread and promote the concept of good water and drinking water culture around the world, aiming to change people's drinking habits and guide everyone to drink water out of health. This has aroused the attention of governments at all levels and people at all levels, and has also aroused the attention and attention of major media, and have reported. In the face of increasingly serious water pollution, China's drinking water problems are many, CCTV host Bai Yansong has publicly broadcast the World Health Organization survey showed that 80% of the world's diseases and 50% of child deaths are related to unhealthy drinking water. A quarter of China's population is drinking water that does not meet sanitary standards, and with more and more new diseases caused by water pollution, drinking water pollution has become the most important water environmental problem. In his book Death by Water, the famous Japanese medical doctor Hayashi Soo-Mitsu said that the secret of health and longevity is hidden in water, and the water that is drunk every day is the cause of all diseases. Dr. Bartman, an American medical doctor, has done experiments on 3,000 patients in hospitals and has written a book "Water is the best medicine." In today's society, all kinds of diseases are also increasing explosively. After three years of the epidemic of the new coronavirus, people's awareness of health and wellness has advanced by 10 years, and with the education of the concept that good water can drink health, and good water is the cheapest and most useful nutrition and health care products, I believe that more people have begun to have a stronger demand for safe drinking water and good water that affects health.

"Immortal God" is with the purpose of building a better life community, shoulding the mission of spreading good water and benefiting mankind, responding to the national "healthy China" call, and doing a good job in the dissemination and promotion of healthy drinking water, Yu Renyang believes that the "healthy life, quality manufacturing" immortal God brand will surely emerge in the industry and become the industry benchmark. Become a strong national brand. With a strong enterprise, realize the dream of a powerful country! Take this "healthy carrier" out into the wider blue ocean.

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