Pass on a century-old secret recipe     Make immortal chicken

In the 1980s, its chairman, Eu Yan Yang, graduated in business management and was assigned to work in the local food system, but she was not satisfied with the current security. In the 1990s, as the market economy began to take off, more and more opportunities were placed in front of young people, and entrepreneurship became the most distinctive brand of The Times. In 1994, Yu Renyang resolutely quit the iron rice job, together with his husband Zheng Zhangxiong loan 100,000 yuan, embarked on the road of self-employment.

The establishment of Zhejiang Ageless God Food Co., Ltd. originated from the secret recipe of making Chinese herbal marinated chicken passed down from her father-in-law's ancestors. Four hundred years ago, the secret "medicine chicken" was not greasy, crisp and smooth, sweet and fragrant. It was a popular Oriental food in the south of the Yangtze River, and was praised by the Qianlong Emperor as "color, aroma and taste." Mr. Zheng Zhangxiong inherited the legacy of his ancestors and mastered the art of making medicinal chicken very early. In order to be closer to the modern concept of health, he read the pharmacopoeia of traditional Chinese medicine, devoted himself to research and development, and made adjustments and improvements on the basis of the original formula. 28 Natural Chinese herbs and high-quality chicken reasonable mix, the use of traditional Chinese cooking technology, combined with modern food process, do not add any color, preservatives, soy sauce, all steamed, boiled, roasted by traditional Chinese medicine to produce natural flavor. The way is natural, the way is natural, the proper heat stimulates the essence of the medicine, and slowly integrates into the chicken. At this time, the "medicine chicken" takes medicine, chicken taste, food borrowings medicine, medicine helps food potential, complement each other, not only the meat is soft and tender, fragrant, but also plays the purpose of conditioning the body and strengthening the body. They named the nourishing chicken "Immortal God Chicken".

From the mysterious folk medicine chicken to the delicious god chicken on the table of ordinary people, this journey is not smooth. At the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, all aspects from production to management to sales are in the exploratory stage, and the operation is not ideal. Although the marinated chicken is delicious, it appears that only half a chicken is sold in a day. In the face of difficulties and challenges, Mr. Yu Yen-yang and Mr. Yu Yen-yang have a heart of integrity. They make full use of limited human resources, mobilize all social forces to help promote products, build word-of-mouth with word-of-mouth, and win trust with sincerity. With the continuous expansion of human resources and sales channels, the classic taste of immortal chicken has once again conquered the vast number of consumers in the history of change, and stores have sprung up in the bustling market.

In the case of strong market demand, the company's operation is on the right track, and it has successfully achieved standardized production and standardized management in traditional industries. As the deputy general manager of the company, Yu Renyang assumed the main responsibilities in the management of enterprise capital operation, enterprise logistics and employee welfare security, and made great contributions. 30 years as a day, Yu Renyang and his wife adhere to the "first man, then businessmen" always put food safety production in the first place, strictly grasp the quality of products and services, never relax. A chicken to the finished product to go through 128 processes, 507 control points, 30 years to insist on no cause of return, she said: "conscience meal, ten thousand years", which is also the company's iron training for each employee. Over the past 30 years, "God of Youth" has always maintained green, safe, nutritious and professional quality, building a solid fortress for public health.

Since its establishment in 1994, from selling half a chicken to becoming a well-known brand in Zhejiang, he has experienced numerous storms and gained many honors. Talking about these, Yu Renyang is very pleased. The most proud is that on April 1, 2006, the Ageless God trademark obtained the first Chinese well-known trademark in the cooked food and brine industry, and it is also the first Chinese well-known trademark in Quzhou. In the past 30 years, Ageless God has also won a series of honorary titles such as national key agricultural leading enterprises, national agricultural product processing demonstration enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, G20 food storage and total supply enterprises, national military quality standard certification enterprises and China Green Food certification enterprises. As a national cooked food chain operating enterprises, has been in 25 provinces, cities, autonomous regions in the country more than 160 cities to open "immortal chicken" chain stores, there are nearly a thousand stores, processing, sales of poultry more than 12 million feathers.

Yu Yan Yang said that the "immortal God chicken" will develop to today because the spirit of immortality is passed down from generation to generation. From the 1990s to the present, the "immortal God" has experienced large and small natural disasters, but has never been defeated, but is able to face difficulties and go against the trend. From SARS in 2003 to the large-scale avian flu in 2004-2005, and then to the new coronavirus in 2020, every time the "God of Youth" has been able to pass smoothly, it is due to the sincere family spirit of craftsmen that has not fallen from generation to generation, it is due to the unremitting pursuit of excellence to perfection, and it is due to the unity, pragmatism, courage and forging ahead of the "God of Youth". Today, as people increasingly pursue quality of life, the "God of Youth" will firmly commit to quality, fulfill its responsibility for environmental protection, and strive to protect the health of the people!


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